An update for you guys. (A book to read before my upcoming blogs)

Well, early this year I decided instead of making new year resolutions (yay my sister twinned with me) I’d pray to God that he improves the things I wanted. Money for the first time in years like prayed for seems to be an issue. Which has helped me become organised. I now try to save money as I figure you never know when and (who knows! I state with faith), you never know when you might need it.

On the clothes front I have a few hints: Like me you bought a top off eBay thinking you had truly found your style, unfortunately the style was too old-fashioned or dated for you. This happened to me with a few things. So aside other things I made a list of labels that are too old for me. I realised that with labels as well as fashion styles of clothes can also be completely wrong for you. Odd mistake to make I know but I made it! So shortly after this and this is a major hint: I actually made a list, much like I said I would with a would-be accordance to the capsule wardrobe system. The list first had styles I actually liked or as also mentioned in a capsule-wardrobe plan were my ‘fantasy self or style’. I then googled these styles (as in ‘baby doll tops for women’ as an eg and looked at in a scanning-fashion all the different tops. You can then decide not only if that style suits ‘you’ as a person but your character AND your body type. So once you have done this with all the different fashion styles you can then have a list of things that suit everything about you. That is how to shop for clothes online, without wasting money as a well-intended note! BUT DO NOT Forge that alof of labels are aimed at a certain age-group in marketing! That is the one thing I had forgotten before I had a master-list of how to shop both online and in shops without wasting money! But of course in a shop the style is often not stated so definitely try it on if you can’t be bothered or are unable to return it! Especially since the capsule-wardrobe system that 100s have women use and have done for centuries suggests noting styles that suit you!

So in my life I’m happy with my new-found fashion knowledge. I’m happy to say I do a lot of drawing and put it on a fun site where people adopt each other’s drawings. That site is and probably wouldn’t be advised for professional artists but very fun if you’re young-at-heart, like me.Still a little bit active on too but more so on I’m still not active enough with my craft but I do have plans and I did make and give an Easter present for a friend the other day. The introductory subject influences this – because as mentioned in a previous blog I’m extremely particular about which materials I use for all aspects of a given project. I’m starting a diet inspired by my sister but it’s daunting because I’m on benefits and will be buying my food. As my sister keeps talking about I have yo-yod with dieting (near the middle of between my heaviest and lightest presently) mainly because I was calorie counting and that alone I found very unfulfilling. The new diet is actually the healthiest you can be on if you want to actually be healthy and not just become thin. So I’m happy to say I want to become fit, strong and healthy and am no longer bothered about the scales but do need to include a little more exercise. For monetary (being on benefits) reasons that mean I can’t afford to drive and go to the gym as well as buy food, Christian-activity filled life and social life I won’t be as strict as my sister but certainly want to be an 8 or a 10 which is a healthy size for someone of my height. My sister in her blog mentioned scales – I commented that for me they are a guide as to which size to buy as I know what size and weight I was when I first started dieting but I don’t actually care what they declare. I have also acquired most of the things I need for the walking group run by the church I go to but would like some fun active-wear for it. Money as introduced influences another thing; my exercise (seemingly!). My Christian life is very healthy; I’m very active with it with regard to events and meetings and apart from losing my dog who we felt it would be cruel to put through, cheamotherapy, to cancer last year, my prayers seem to get answered countless times. I also completed the first chapter as advised of the bible on good Friday. My room is often scruffy but organised. I no longer want to sell my old clothes but give them away to charity as it is becoming evident that the fees you list to sell them probably amount to more than what you get for the actual sales taking into account delivery and packagingeven though I only use two sites. As stated before I am still happy to BUY clothes second-hand as you don’t have to follow fashions. The last thing to end your struggle with regard to the indication of the blog title, I am going to mention is; that when our young Banjo had died, the house was so empty that my parents decided to purchase whilst considering my desires (which were satisfied I’ll add) a new puppy. He is a refreshing change to the soul that left us. Banjo was an angel-dog, the most well-behaved, obedient and loving dog you could ever meet. Pablo we feel without regard at a given moment in time is quite naughty but now 6 months old, calming down a lot more. I hate to add my parents often mentioned he was the ‘opposite’ to Banjo. When Banjo died I put on Facebook that ‘God takes the best of us’ as although a big dog, he was only 7 years and approximately 7 months. I would also like to add that he went to the vets several times in the year before he died as he wasn’t ‘himself’, but as I’m sure some of you may know all-too-well cancer is a hidden or ‘mystery’ disease.

So now the end to your struggle with regard to my blog title! I still intend to provide a resource for Christian dressers. After feeling ‘I have only been Christian for two and a half years’ and although ‘I know a hell of a lot about fashion’ and struggling to decide how to provide a relevance or reasoning to ‘old-school’ Christian dressing as revealed by the bible (as I have read a lot about a modern approach to Christian dress and also come across groups titled ‘chic but modest Christian fashion’) I have decided to do a blend of the two. As I have only been a Christian for two and a half years I have been advised to read an auto-biography about a Christian who became interested in fashion growing up, first. Which is what I am going to do for the ‘pinch for luck’ of confidence with regard to the subject. The book is by Joanna Jepson called ‘A lot like Eve Fashion, faith and fig-leaves: a memoir’. It’s kindle price is £7.47 or a paper-back is £12.99 or if you want a second hand book it is a penny without delivery! Just in case you’re interested. I got the kindle book. So after I hope what has not been boasting about my improved life gonna leave you with 2 pics. (The ones of Pablo will be edited/updated as the screen on my ipad is broken and affects the camera and needs fixing).

L-r Pablo aged 3 months and 3 weeks. The book I’m going to read to replenish my faith and be more knowledgable on one of my blog subjects.

L-r Pablo aged 6 months a week and a day. Pablo and I selfie – Christmas Day, he was aged 3 months a week and 5 days.


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