This little hottie – a lesson a day keeps the fashion doctor away!

OK so today I haven’t done anything special – even skipped my craft (which focuses mainly on knitting and crochet but you can take anything that doesn’t make a mess) group.

However, I did make my way to Asda because I wanted to treat my neices to some Pokemon trading cards! Once at the high street I spyed New look and thought ‘New look card – I have it!’. So got the trading cards out of the way first, as they were more important and then hoped I could get to New look before it closed. Luckily I did.

I have to mention, the read on the various reads on the capsule wardrobe is appreciated because even though I’m not doing the plan anywhere near fully it will indefinitely change my attitude towards my style and shopping. I no longer impulse-buy. And I’m going to add to anyone who was like this ‘old me’: concentrate, take a step back, focus. There is light at the end of the tunnel even if you feel there is nothing that suits you in the shops – even – ‘where you shop’. The reason being (a lesson learnt) is that glamour; these days can be simple. There is so much choice – if you truly know yourself you have a much better chance of finding clothes you like and that you feel good in. Confidence is the key – I don’t know how to inspire confidence in young people but I can’t stress enough that it’s important.

So looking at my wardrobe (and room!) – I have acquired more stuff than I’m keeping, clothes-wise. I have too many books and possibly a few unused objects. My Christmas/birthday list improved last year but will improve even more this year! No more mile long lists of things I don’t need or even can imagine why I added!

The room at the moment is clear and clean but has various piles of clothes that keep becoming messy and make the room look messy. But after that I’m going to have a quick sort out of the boxes to get rid of unwanted objects! If your room (and clothes!) is anything like this you have my permission to take a  drug that cures this syndrome!

So back to New look, I hear you sigh! Now aware of things I don’t like; pet-hates; colours I look washed out in, (Last night I came across a few colours that I really liked on myself which weren’t my true colouring but did actually look good on me and I’m going to add: this should be a bare minimum for anybody), poor quality in clothing (I no longer shop in extremely cheap clothes shops but instead get nicer stuff for less online from a site called (which is for second hand clothing, like eBay but for fashion and found only one top from primark in my ‘keep pile’ get in and *blasts primark and bershka with space-blaster away from this planet*!!!!) and just a knowingness of things I truly love that look good on me, I scoured the shop.

I looked around (style-note for the autumn season) realised there is dull-coloured clothes everywhere, ventured further in and spyed the little hotty. Which is one of the things I wanted my blog to be about – clothes-hotties fresh off the rails. It’s a beautiful (‘not for me’), funnel neck fitted jumper that is described as dark green, but being specific I feel is bottle green – reminiscent of the 40s era. It has coordinating sizes of ribbing making it unique and the funnel neck unlike some tops with neck detail is not very restrictive around the neck and looks quite comfortable. I bought it in a size 8 because I’m losing a lot of weight and have proved to be successful with that in recent months, meaning this top would have been ideal for the coming months. However on getting to the till I realised the arms were probably going to be long as I have shorter than average arm-length. I stupidly payed for it and while the transaction was taking place thought ‘my mum can have a look and might buy the purple one in her size for herself or Michelle  (my sister) might like it.’ I don’t like tops with arms too long because they are uncomfortable and also the intended look by the designer is completely ruined. So I messaged my sister on Facebook and she is going to take a look at it.

The jumper looks good on people with an average-short length torso (an unimportant rule), very obviously long arms because the attention drawn to there is neutral and people who wish to make their neck look longer. It also looks good on slim people because it is fitted and too, the ribbing will flatter this making you look slender. Not ideal for people with big or an aged bust as the top will completely expose the look of these. If you don’t mind going casual for any sort of interview (like me), I also think it is handy for that or (it’s the sort of thing I’d wear) for work in an office – if only it looked good on me! It’s available in a beautiful pure purply-red colour (described as red) too and is a ‘nice price’ at £17.99. Here is the top I purchased:

Fitted jumper with coordinated sizes of ribbing, funnel neck and long sleeves. Bottle green (described as dark green and also available in a beautiful pure purple colour) – New look £17.99
Fitted jumper with coordinated sizes of ribbing, funnel neck and long sleeves. Bottle green (described as dark green and also available in a beautiful pure purple colour) – New look £17.99

So I think that was my bite-sized less in fashion for toady: ‘little funnel neck, ribbed jumpers very often have long arms’.

Over the years you do become knowledgable about fashion if you buy a lot of clothes or, like me especially if you have a passion for it and spend a lot of time doing fashion-related activities. (i.e. drawing fashion, looking at magazines, reading books on anything related to fashion, writing about fashion and spending a lot of time on fashion-related social networking). Dressmaking (something I’m taking up very soon), art, knitting/crochet, any fashion-related courses or classes and probably numerous others unknown to me or that I can’t think of right now will help too.

I’m also very happy with the clothes that are going in my storage area (which are more than I expected!) and looking forward to sorting which ones I’ll hang up (or try to hang up most of them if possible for the Autumn season. Now will possibly need to invest in some more hangers!

So yeh, another lesson in fashion makes me a happy bunny! Also going to add I do intend to keep up with the crafts I mentioned in my very first blogs. Watch this space guys I’ll try and keep them all coming!



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