Fashion related notes (de-cluttering your wardrobe, updating and/or capsule and how to use songs as a fashion inspiration: 2-advisory-topics-in-1 post)

K so lately I decided to ‘de-clutter’ my wardrobe and update it every 3 months after googling a subject that has been nagging and seemed foreign to my mind for about 6 months to a year: the capsule wardrobe. I’m not going to create a capsule wardrobe because the ‘golden-37’ that seems to be the most amount of clothes in a collection that most people who create a capsule wardrobe that people stick to, seems too restrictive for me, and creating outfits that mix and match for a time period of 3 months seems too tedious to me. I actually like to colour-code my wardrobe too so the organised and simplistic side of my lack of capsule wardrobe can come in there! My budget doesn’t help either – I’m aware that the plan is supposed to be budget-friendly but at the moment I spend a lot of money on other things and can’t bring myself to commit to adding 3/4 items my wardrobe every 3 months. I, in no way wish to shun the plan – it’s just not feesible for me personally at this moment in time and I, in no way wish to deter people. In fact for some people it’s a miracle and I encourage you to ‘google it’ if you are curious (there are a lot of benefits from creating a capsule wardrobe).

So when I was thinking about how to de-clutter my wardrobe and put clothes into storage (and others throw out or sell) I thought ‘songs’. I also thought about colour and style but I’m going to go into that later in this blog post. So here’s how to be inspired clothes-wise by your favourite songs:

‘The story and your style’ – ok there are millions of different stories told in different songs. The point is: which fits your personality and style? Remembering the 6 different personality types mentioned in the last blog: romantic, gaming, young romantic, dramatic, classic and natural you can determine which personality the song seems to evoke. Eg the song ‘Like a prayer’ by Madonna, is almost certainly dramatic – because in the video she is in a church talking about her passion and lust for a guy. Another eg ‘Lucky’ by Britney Spears fits my personality (romantic) because the song is about an unhappy but rich celebrity who hasn’t found everything she wants in life seemingly pointing towards the subject of love/romance. Enough said about that!

‘The colours’: mentioned in the previous blog. does the colours the artist us wearing in the video suit your colouring? I’m going to expand on what I said in the previous blog as I now really beleive everyone has 2 seasons of colouring that suit them, one more than the other but even so. The colouring types are: Summer, Spring, Autumn and winter.
A few hints on colours: very dark and very light colours tend to be winter colours as these reflect most in winter. Summer clothes are bright, warm, soft and vibrant (but not as vibrant as Autumn), Autumn colours are usually earthy, warm tones or vibrant. Oranges are almost always Autumn too. Spring colours are feminine, soft, playful and like spring flowers. If you really can’t decide based on this which category a colour fits into consider these two things:

How is the colour reflecting and how is it interacting with other colours? If it’s standing out its not likely to be winter. If it’s blending it’s likely to be Spring. If it’s doing a bit of both it’s likely summer. And if it’s catching your eye it’s likely Autumn. This all depends on the colours around it though.
Another consideration that is sometimes helpful is the name of the colour: what does the name of the colour make you think of visually?An example of colour I thought of: grape purple I thought was winter because it’s dark. I thought some people would associate grapes with summer as they grow in summer. But don’t fall into the trap of trusting sentiments! I. after thought: ‘they may grow in summer but in this case the name isn’t helpful because even though grapes grow in summer, remember that essentially purple grapes growing and glistening in the sunlight look dark even in summer light!

Remember when noting the artists clothes that music artists aren’t always made to wear colour that suit them – they amade to wear colours that tell a story or make a statement.

‘Artist gender and is there a video? (Can you picture an artist of a different gender singing the song?)’

If the answer to the second question is yes – you can just ‘make it up’ – if you’ve got a really good imagination you can make up all of what inspires you from a song! However, if like me – you get stuck on things – you’d do well to remember that generally males clothes are designed for males and therefore don’t look good on females! Therefore songs by a different gender to your own aren’t ideal.

‘Artists physique – is it like yours?’ – everyone knows we all have different body shapes so which of your favourites most have a similar physique to yours? Consider:

Is she:
Curvy, voluptuous?
Straight up and down?
Heavy set?
Big/small boobs/bums/thighs etc?

The list is endless – you could even consider if she has similar colouring to you!

Moving onto: my additional notes for anyone who wants to build a capsule wardrobe or, like me, just de clutter and update it regularly: I’m not following real rules here so my apologies go out to those who worship in the church of the capsule!:

There are 7 things to consider according to one source I reworded or gave my own version on the questions to ask yourself (lol)!:

Does it fit? – I agreed with this one!

Have I worn this in the last 12 months? – well I’m not sure what this one meant, I wrote: ‘will it come back into fashion/OR: do you still like it?)’

Is it likely I will ever wear it again? Well for me – I don’t live a minimalist lifestyle and I think to myself: ‘I don’t know what I’m going to need for in the next 3 months so I don’t know what’s going to happen’. I wouldn’t have done of the all the categories in a capsule wardrobe either because I don’t have kids or work. You are meant to tailor/adjust your plan for what you think you’ll need clothes for though!

Is the item currently in style/and does it accurately represent my style? – I split this question into two! And added: if it’s not in style ‘can you see it making a comeback?’

If the item is damaged in any way, will I make the effort to get it repaired? – I put: If damaged do I WANT to repair it and IS IT repairable?

If I was shopping right now, would I buy this? – I put: ‘Do you love it? In other words .you can tell you really love it by knowing whether or not you’d buy it if shopping! If you know you’d consider paying money for it and it fits you obviously really love it!’

Do I feel confident when I wear this? – I put: ‘Is it flattering my body shape, personality, body shape and colouring?’

I added a couple of my own questions!:

Sentimental value: Just how many clothes have you got that were bought for you or have sentimental value? And just how many clothes at the most can you afford to keep for sentimental value? (How many do you WANT to keep?)
Another thought on this is: you can be really positive, ‘share the Iove’ and hope the item can one day mean something to someone else!

Altering clothes? – If something is really special and no longer fits do you want to have it altered or can you do it yourself? I’ve done this with really liked items.

Compliments/insults? – I can hear what you think I’m going to say, but- me, being me am not!:
When considering compliments think to yourself: did I appreciate the compliment and can you understand/agree with why they gave it? If you got lots of compliments on clothes you love, very obviously keep them! If you didn’t like the compliments or didn’t enjoy wearing the clothes you were wearing that day – get rid of them! Oddly enough (and some people will disagree) – if you get insults and you really liked the item you should keep it! Lol. Stay true to yourself. But if you got multiple insults and are fed up of them get rid of it!

Below are 3 examples of capsule wardrobes:





The last 2 things I have been going on about:

It’s handy to make a note of colours that suit both your personality and colouring. I don’t mean just ‘blue, yellow and red’! Google some images or even check out the 3-page-long-list on wikipedia. (Google ‘list of colours’)

The other thing, it’s handy to list is styles of clothes, events that inspire your clothing choice and anything that inspires you. If you can’t imagine what it looks like you can google it! But make sure these suit you, and importantly remember – (I found your own style is often nothing like ‘your fantasy self’ – you can wear things that are your ‘fantasy self but if you’re like me, – you won’t look good and you won’t even feel good in these clothes!

From there you can decide how much it suits you.

After making these list when you go shopping (physically/online) you can even take this list with you!

The last thing you can list was already mentioned (songs) – see first few paragraphs  to understand which songs can inspire you best.

I really hope I can inspire a lot of people to create a capsule wardrobe – it really is a revolutionary idea even though I’m not doing it!

Gonna finish by adding sone handy links:

How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe

You’re doing the “capsule wardrobe” wrong

Laters! xxxx


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