Day shopping in Marbella and at alcaidesa beach

So once again sorry about the delay in this blog! The day was nearly a week ago but I didn’t have access to all of the photos and also approval of my auntie’s friends photos. Since then been a bit busy.

The day was a lovely day even though it was 31 degrees C ! It started with shopping in the streets of Marbella, Spain.  The dress I wore I’m not going to go into details because it was another eBay purchase but I really liked it for the occasion. My auntie and uncle said they wanted to go with me and would treat me but the treat ended up from being a clothes purchase to my evening meal. First my auntie and uncle bought a beautiful fish for the meal the following day. The shops we tried for clothes after were mainly for older women and we decided it was too hot to make it to the streets which had shops for younger people, so instead made our way La Canada mall which has more shops for younger people. The street shops tend to be boutiques too so I thought ‘I’ll save my money’. La Canada mall has a mix of designer, semi-designer and cheap clothes shops.

In La Canada i ate guacamole and nachos at a little Mexican bar, the food although delicious was not in a special place so I didn’t get a photo.

La Canada mall 3.9.2016 – Ready for shopping

From hollister I found this beautiful shirt. The shirt is plaid, red and has a cute lace trim. It’s ideal for a ‘casual with a little bit of effort’day or event. The shirt is casual and pretty much suits anyone but the cut paticularly suits people with a square or angular back and shoulders and/or an average sized torso. Full length shirts generally suit people with average length arms in paticular but this is a very insignificant rule. The colour red generally doesn’t look very good on people with pale skin though, unless you are after a vintage; rock n roll or gothic look. Mine is a size small and will look nicer when I have lost a couple of lb in weight. Afterwards I saw one of the trendy bomber jackets also in red (can’t remember which shop may have been Pepe jeans) and thought ‘that one would have been nicer’, also thought ‘maybe/probably that bomber jacket will go out of fashion really soon’! Turned out the lack of a red and fashionable bomber jacket was for the best.


(Bought on 3.9.2016) red plaid shirt from hollister
(Bought on 3.9.2016) vintage 60s autumn winter coat from Sfera €49

Having spent €95 on two garments I realised this was enough for one days shopping on my budget. So my auntie and uncle needed to water his brothers garden. This little garden was very beautiful and I love flowers and gardens so decided to acquire the following photo in front of the unknown blue species of flower/flowering plant.

In my uncle John’s brothers garden 3.9.2016

After this we decided we’d contact my parents and might as well meet up with them and go to the beach which was a five minute walk away from the villa we were staying, rather than walk to Marbella beach. I wore a little cover-up on the way down which I’m not going to detail as it was yet another purchase from eBay. I used the same swimsuit as the one in the previous blog.

The walk from the villa down to alcaidesa beach 3.9.2016
At alcaidesa beach 3.9.2016

That night my mum and dad were meeting old friends for a meal who they grew up. My auntie and uncle were also meeting friends at a restaurant. So I decided I’d be encroaching on either couple by joining them and thought it might as well be my auntie and uncle who I join in Don benito said as I see them only once or twice a year. The couple are a lovely Irish couple and we didn’t seem to have trouble mixing. I felt a tiny bit off-hand in my goodbye to Marion, because I (like you sometimes do) got flustered trying to say something nice. But all in all no harm done. So that was my day Monday 3rd September 2016.

The dress I wore for the night was an eBay purchase but the dress has something to say! It was from George – I absolutely love it and so did my sister! It just goes to show young women can get away with cheaper clothes aimed at slightly older women which aren’t designer!

Really love my new eBay-bought dress with cheetahs on!
(Left to right) New friend – Marion, Auntie Genny, new friend – Colman and Me at Don benitos tapas restaurant 3.9.2016

I’m now back in north-east England from my holiday. I’m going to miss the classy shops La Canada mall has and may even get some things online or add them to my wishlist! (which I also use for my birthday in November and Christmas). I haven’t yet purchased a new camera which I’m after. I’m going to be back-dating hopefuly for the last time in a while, once again about my day in Gibraltar. So apologies for that and laters guys!


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