Day at El rinconcillo beach and fish restaurant

I have been in San Roque for the past week, we have another week left approximately. My mum likes to go every week as she is half-Spanish, brought up in Gibraltar and likes to see her sisters every year who she misses. I pay every year for my flight, rent and spending money. We usually have expensive apartments but I don’t pay for that as my parents choose expensive ones that they know I wouldn’t choose as I’m on benefits. So life is good at this time of year (and the rest!)

Me and dad at El ruevelo tapas restaurant, San Roque, Spain. 30.8.2016

Today we planned a day at possibly Bologna beach and Tarifa just outside San Roque Spain – browse around the shops. I got a drink at the garage on the way because otherwise the long winding roads towards there give me travel sickness and I like to have something to sip. (I do need to stop drinking acidic drinks but planning on getting a fruit infusion water bottle when I get home). This didn’t bother me much because the clothes to buy although nice and some suitable for England weather, they tend to be expensive. It tends to be boring traping from shop to shop when you went shopping the other day (more on that later but sorry to backtrack on that day!) and really do need to think ‘Am I being extravagant?’. Bolonia beach is also a long walk to get to a good spot with lots of rocks (and sometimes other sharp objects).

Fruit Infusion bottle. An amazing invention which allows you to give flavour to your water while using fruit. I have been advised by my cousin not to buy one less than £8.99. This one from comes with a free starter ebook.

For this, I was happy to find an eBay bought (I shop on eBay because I’m on benefits and find I don’t have to follow fashions and note which sizes for which labels fit for half the price) but pretty dress that I hadn’t worn yet! It’s a floral on a black background and I really love brighter colours like my mum wears but aren’t always attracted to them! They’re supposed to suit my colouring too. According to a book which supposedly defines colours of clothes that suit them according to theirpeople’s colouring (skin/hair/eyes etc) summer/spring/Autumn/winter and types within those four times. Mine is meant to be a type of summer. Again this methodology is not widely believed but family members do always say brighter colours suit me!  I was happy to find a floral for the beach! The skirt part I also love because it’s billowing (floaty) and I really love girly stuff. Ruffles, billows and florals are supposed to suit my personality too which is ‘romantic’. Also according to a similar book I read a couple of years ago in which you do a personality test in order to define what clothing styles suit. There are 6 types according to this book: romantic, natural, gaming, classic, dramatic and a younger aged person with the style of romantic. Not all researchers agree with this methodology though. The shoes were changed to peach flip flops with a peach flower on to suit the beach better but these are an old purchase so it doesn’t really matter! If I wasn’t going to the beach I would have kept the white ones on which are also an old purchase.


So we ended up in El rinconcillo, but the beach restaurants my favourite auntie had suggested were closed. My other favourite auntie and uncle didn’t turn up because of a current personal problem. But I’m not young and neither are my elders so none of us let these things get to us! We spotted a bar which turned out to be a beautiful and very reasonable fish restaurant. Being fussy about white fish with what was available I settled for ensalada rusa (russian salad) and a small plate of potatas Freitas (chips). My first chips were undercooked because I think the head chef was eiger to serve me as I wasn’t having anything special! All the staff were very nice characters. I said ‘but only 5 minutes more’ in Spanish which was a tiny bit inappropriate as I have never cooked chips in oil! But the head chef is a lovely guy and everyone just laughed when I said it and there seemed to be no harm done. The second plate of chips were beautiful but I said simply ‘mucha gracias’ (many thanks) when he asked if they were now ok because I felt I had said enough! My mum and favourite auntie had a beautiful and large cigala (crayfish). I also cause myself a hinderance in fish restaurants cos I won’t try and meat, fish, game or other dead animal because although they probably have special additional nutrients for your body I always think to myself ‘there was no need for that animal to die to be for food’. Oh well! My dad enjoyed rooster fish and my other favourite uncle enjoyed a bit of everything. I’m afraid we didn’t get any photos of or of inside this beautiful restaurant! At the beach I failed to notice what my family said about the water being sticky. Like usual I let a lot of thoughts passed me by. As a church going Christian I try to be like Jesus! The virtues I remember are faith, optimism, loyalty, kindness, generosity, no boasting, no gossiping (a tricky one as you might guess!), no accusing, consideration, tolerance and compassion or empathy (I’m sure you guys can remember a lot more! ). So I thought to myself ‘at least I didn’t gossip about the quality of the beach’. The beach also smelt of fuel from nearby ships towards the end of the beach trip. But I think we all enjoyed the dip in the heat, sitting in the sun and people watching and I got a beautiful selfie with my favourite auntie which my mum didn’t like but I, as said, thought was beautiful! My mum also took the other lovely photos.

Favourite Uncle John (Langdon) happy with meal and beach! El rinconcillo beach .9.2016
Favourite auntie Genny – happy with meal and beach. El rinconcillo beach. .9.2016


Beautiful selfie of me and auntie Genny. El rinconcillo beach. 5.9.2016
I bought a few shop-bought clothes at the end of August because I’m successfuly losing weight again. A few years ago I lost 2 stone from 10 stone 9 lb and went from a size 14 to a size 10 but put most of it back on. I’m now back down to 9 stone 6lbs and a size 10-12. I’d like to be an 8 because I’m 5″11 feet high! Note: don’t pay money for weight watchers. It worked for me but this time round I’m calorie counting (800-1000 calories a day) and enjoying much more healthier foods minus the headaches! You can get apps to help with that too. Anyway the swimsuit as said, I liked the bright colours. I love bright florals too! The halter neck and ‘bust fit’ is really a little bit derived from the 50s and 60s. It has a pretty frill on which helps hide big thighs by creating the illusion of cropping them.  I was happy when I liked it on. And thought ‘I’ve never had anything like this before.’ It was £20 down from £40 when I bought it, it is now down to £12 from debenhams. I would have loved a bikini, I’m a fan of them but I was on a time limit and needed to find other stuff which I knew would be hard because it was so late and I was finding it hard to find stuff for the summer season. Vintage stuff is really trendy at the moment too!

Now tonight I said my mum and dad should go out on their own, as my favourite aunties and uncles aren’t going and I live with my parents aged 35. I recently told them ‘when you go away to a country you’ve never been to – every other time starting with just you two and without me tagging along you should go on your own.’ They may be going to Marikesh as they are redoing their bedroom and travelled across the sea to get there when last in Spain for furniture and loved it but it’s doubtful. I really hope they get to go though!

Well now say ‘to next time guys’ which I apologise, something every blogger hates to do – backtracking. As I need a new phone or camera for my pics and my uncle took some and doesn’t have access to a computer till tomorrow to download them and email me them.

So hopefuly – here’s to tomorrow guys.


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