How to wear stripes this late summer

It’s late summer and everyone needs a few last purchases for September – especially if you’re going away! Here’s a few hints on how to wear your stripes, late summer:

How to wear your stripes, late summer:

In history it was  thought that vertical average width stripes are the go to make you look slim if you are overweight, NOT horizontal ones! The reason being the horizontal stripes will accentuate the width of your body not your height!  However, recent studies prove that this isn’t always accurate. There are generally to that rule exceptions all depending on the cut of the garment.  Try this season’s maxi dress like this one, it’s cute and unique and if you like your shoulders it’s a bonus! And a bargain at £16.99 from


And this one is brilliant if you’re short and plump! It makes your arms look slim, draws the attention away from your arms. And the thin stripes deceive the eye of the body proportions. Perfect! £75 French connection! Label area of closet designated!

Candy stripes also look great on those who have a Marilyn Monroe figure
Thinner horizontal stripes on a white background are thought to be very flattering, especially on petite people. This one is from and if you really wanna bag that label its reduced from £255 to £158! Woooo!

In the same way large wide horizontal stripes on an oversized top will almost certainly be too bold for someone petite drowning them.
If you’re petite this is sweet for any height of person! The just above knee length will highlight your legs (illusion again) making it look like you actually have some. If it falls just below your knees it will have the same effect. But yes, fashion is dangerous!: if you’re short and it falls exactly on your knees send it back! It will make you look cut in half making you look even shorter! (Oh no!) another bargain at $16 from

Horizontal Stripes on a bodycon will very obviously look super sexy on a tall and slim figure. This one is perfect and reduced and a feel-good at $64 from indie

And wavy or curvy stripes will look great on a curvy figure. I found an equal amount of garments with wavy stripes for plus size people and regular sized people but basically if you want to accentuate your curves they are the go to and tend to make your hips or bum look bigger. this one is great and (tighten your purse strings.) $108 dollars from

The last thing I’m going to mention regarding stripes is that if you are flat chested thin stripes in either direction will look good on a crop top. Because firstly your chest area is drawn to and after that the mind-trick is the thin stripes widening the proportions of your bust. Something like this which is low in stock (run!) and coming in at £8 is your apple a day!


My personal favourite stripey clothes:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That’s it for now peeps – have a nice day! kisses


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