An update for you guys. (A book to read before my upcoming blogs)

Well, early this year I decided instead of making new year resolutions (yay my sister twinned with me) I’d pray to God that he improves the things I wanted. Money for the first time in years like prayed for seems to be an issue. Which has helped me become organised. I now try to save money as I figure you never know when and (who knows! I state with faith), you never know when you might need it.

On the clothes front I have a few hints: Like me you bought a top off eBay thinking you had truly found your style, unfortunately the style was too old-fashioned or dated for you. This happened to me with a few things. So aside other things I made a list of labels that are too old for me. I realised that with labels as well as fashion styles of clothes can also be completely wrong for you. Odd mistake to make I know but I made it! So shortly after this and this is a major hint: I actually made a list, much like I said I would with a would-be accordance to the capsule wardrobe system. The list first had styles I actually liked or as also mentioned in a capsule-wardrobe plan were my ‘fantasy self or style’. I then googled these styles (as in ‘baby doll tops for women’ as an eg and looked at in a scanning-fashion all the different tops. You can then decide not only if that style suits ‘you’ as a person but your character AND your body type. So once you have done this with all the different fashion styles you can then have a list of things that suit everything about you. That is how to shop for clothes online, without wasting money as a well-intended note! BUT DO NOT Forge that alof of labels are aimed at a certain age-group in marketing! That is the one thing I had forgotten before I had a master-list of how to shop both online and in shops without wasting money! But of course in a shop the style is often not stated so definitely try it on if you can’t be bothered or are unable to return it! Especially since the capsule-wardrobe system that 100s have women use and have done for centuries suggests noting styles that suit you!

So in my life I’m happy with my new-found fashion knowledge. I’m happy to say I do a lot of drawing and put it on a fun site where people adopt each other’s drawings. That site is and probably wouldn’t be advised for professional artists but very fun if you’re young-at-heart, like me.Still a little bit active on too but more so on I’m still not active enough with my craft but I do have plans and I did make and give an Easter present for a friend the other day. The introductory subject influences this – because as mentioned in a previous blog I’m extremely particular about which materials I use for all aspects of a given project. I’m starting a diet inspired by my sister but it’s daunting because I’m on benefits and will be buying my food. As my sister keeps talking about I have yo-yod with dieting (near the middle of between my heaviest and lightest presently) mainly because I was calorie counting and that alone I found very unfulfilling. The new diet is actually the healthiest you can be on if you want to actually be healthy and not just become thin. So I’m happy to say I want to become fit, strong and healthy and am no longer bothered about the scales but do need to include a little more exercise. For monetary (being on benefits) reasons that mean I can’t afford to drive and go to the gym as well as buy food, Christian-activity filled life and social life I won’t be as strict as my sister but certainly want to be an 8 or a 10 which is a healthy size for someone of my height. My sister in her blog mentioned scales – I commented that for me they are a guide as to which size to buy as I know what size and weight I was when I first started dieting but I don’t actually care what they declare. I have also acquired most of the things I need for the walking group run by the church I go to but would like some fun active-wear for it. Money as introduced influences another thing; my exercise (seemingly!). My Christian life is very healthy; I’m very active with it with regard to events and meetings and apart from losing my dog who we felt it would be cruel to put through, cheamotherapy, to cancer last year, my prayers seem to get answered countless times. I also completed the first chapter as advised of the bible on good Friday. My room is often scruffy but organised. I no longer want to sell my old clothes but give them away to charity as it is becoming evident that the fees you list to sell them probably amount to more than what you get for the actual sales taking into account delivery and packagingeven though I only use two sites. As stated before I am still happy to BUY clothes second-hand as you don’t have to follow fashions. The last thing to end your struggle with regard to the indication of the blog title, I am going to mention is; that when our young Banjo had died, the house was so empty that my parents decided to purchase whilst considering my desires (which were satisfied I’ll add) a new puppy. He is a refreshing change to the soul that left us. Banjo was an angel-dog, the most well-behaved, obedient and loving dog you could ever meet. Pablo we feel without regard at a given moment in time is quite naughty but now 6 months old, calming down a lot more. I hate to add my parents often mentioned he was the ‘opposite’ to Banjo. When Banjo died I put on Facebook that ‘God takes the best of us’ as although a big dog, he was only 7 years and approximately 7 months. I would also like to add that he went to the vets several times in the year before he died as he wasn’t ‘himself’, but as I’m sure some of you may know all-too-well cancer is a hidden or ‘mystery’ disease.

So now the end to your struggle with regard to my blog title! I still intend to provide a resource for Christian dressers. After feeling ‘I have only been Christian for two and a half years’ and although ‘I know a hell of a lot about fashion’ and struggling to decide how to provide a relevance or reasoning to ‘old-school’ Christian dressing as revealed by the bible (as I have read a lot about a modern approach to Christian dress and also come across groups titled ‘chic but modest Christian fashion’) I have decided to do a blend of the two. As I have only been a Christian for two and a half years I have been advised to read an auto-biography about a Christian who became interested in fashion growing up, first. Which is what I am going to do for the ‘pinch for luck’ of confidence with regard to the subject. The book is by Joanna Jepson called ‘A lot like Eve Fashion, faith and fig-leaves: a memoir’. It’s kindle price is £7.47 or a paper-back is £12.99 or if you want a second hand book it is a penny without delivery! Just in case you’re interested. I got the kindle book. So after I hope what has not been boasting about my improved life gonna leave you with 2 pics. (The ones of Pablo will be edited/updated as the screen on my ipad is broken and affects the camera and needs fixing).

L-r Pablo aged 3 months and 3 weeks. The book I’m going to read to replenish my faith and be more knowledgable on one of my blog subjects.

L-r Pablo aged 6 months a week and a day. Pablo and I selfie – Christmas Day, he was aged 3 months a week and 5 days.


This little hottie – a lesson a day keeps the fashion doctor away!

OK so today I haven’t done anything special – even skipped my craft (which focuses mainly on knitting and crochet but you can take anything that doesn’t make a mess) group.

However, I did make my way to Asda because I wanted to treat my neices to some Pokemon trading cards! Once at the high street I spyed New look and thought ‘New look card – I have it!’. So got the trading cards out of the way first, as they were more important and then hoped I could get to New look before it closed. Luckily I did.

I have to mention, the read on the various reads on the capsule wardrobe is appreciated because even though I’m not doing the plan anywhere near fully it will indefinitely change my attitude towards my style and shopping. I no longer impulse-buy. And I’m going to add to anyone who was like this ‘old me’: concentrate, take a step back, focus. There is light at the end of the tunnel even if you feel there is nothing that suits you in the shops – even – ‘where you shop’. The reason being (a lesson learnt) is that glamour; these days can be simple. There is so much choice – if you truly know yourself you have a much better chance of finding clothes you like and that you feel good in. Confidence is the key – I don’t know how to inspire confidence in young people but I can’t stress enough that it’s important.

So looking at my wardrobe (and room!) – I have acquired more stuff than I’m keeping, clothes-wise. I have too many books and possibly a few unused objects. My Christmas/birthday list improved last year but will improve even more this year! No more mile long lists of things I don’t need or even can imagine why I added!

The room at the moment is clear and clean but has various piles of clothes that keep becoming messy and make the room look messy. But after that I’m going to have a quick sort out of the boxes to get rid of unwanted objects! If your room (and clothes!) is anything like this you have my permission to take a  drug that cures this syndrome!

So back to New look, I hear you sigh! Now aware of things I don’t like; pet-hates; colours I look washed out in, (Last night I came across a few colours that I really liked on myself which weren’t my true colouring but did actually look good on me and I’m going to add: this should be a bare minimum for anybody), poor quality in clothing (I no longer shop in extremely cheap clothes shops but instead get nicer stuff for less online from a site called (which is for second hand clothing, like eBay but for fashion and found only one top from primark in my ‘keep pile’ get in and *blasts primark and bershka with space-blaster away from this planet*!!!!) and just a knowingness of things I truly love that look good on me, I scoured the shop.

I looked around (style-note for the autumn season) realised there is dull-coloured clothes everywhere, ventured further in and spyed the little hotty. Which is one of the things I wanted my blog to be about – clothes-hotties fresh off the rails. It’s a beautiful (‘not for me’), funnel neck fitted jumper that is described as dark green, but being specific I feel is bottle green – reminiscent of the 40s era. It has coordinating sizes of ribbing making it unique and the funnel neck unlike some tops with neck detail is not very restrictive around the neck and looks quite comfortable. I bought it in a size 8 because I’m losing a lot of weight and have proved to be successful with that in recent months, meaning this top would have been ideal for the coming months. However on getting to the till I realised the arms were probably going to be long as I have shorter than average arm-length. I stupidly payed for it and while the transaction was taking place thought ‘my mum can have a look and might buy the purple one in her size for herself or Michelle  (my sister) might like it.’ I don’t like tops with arms too long because they are uncomfortable and also the intended look by the designer is completely ruined. So I messaged my sister on Facebook and she is going to take a look at it.

The jumper looks good on people with an average-short length torso (an unimportant rule), very obviously long arms because the attention drawn to there is neutral and people who wish to make their neck look longer. It also looks good on slim people because it is fitted and too, the ribbing will flatter this making you look slender. Not ideal for people with big or an aged bust as the top will completely expose the look of these. If you don’t mind going casual for any sort of interview (like me), I also think it is handy for that or (it’s the sort of thing I’d wear) for work in an office – if only it looked good on me! It’s available in a beautiful pure purply-red colour (described as red) too and is a ‘nice price’ at £17.99. Here is the top I purchased:

Fitted jumper with coordinated sizes of ribbing, funnel neck and long sleeves. Bottle green (described as dark green and also available in a beautiful pure purple colour) – New look £17.99
Fitted jumper with coordinated sizes of ribbing, funnel neck and long sleeves. Bottle green (described as dark green and also available in a beautiful pure purple colour) – New look £17.99

So I think that was my bite-sized less in fashion for toady: ‘little funnel neck, ribbed jumpers very often have long arms’.

Over the years you do become knowledgable about fashion if you buy a lot of clothes or, like me especially if you have a passion for it and spend a lot of time doing fashion-related activities. (i.e. drawing fashion, looking at magazines, reading books on anything related to fashion, writing about fashion and spending a lot of time on fashion-related social networking). Dressmaking (something I’m taking up very soon), art, knitting/crochet, any fashion-related courses or classes and probably numerous others unknown to me or that I can’t think of right now will help too.

I’m also very happy with the clothes that are going in my storage area (which are more than I expected!) and looking forward to sorting which ones I’ll hang up (or try to hang up most of them if possible for the Autumn season. Now will possibly need to invest in some more hangers!

So yeh, another lesson in fashion makes me a happy bunny! Also going to add I do intend to keep up with the crafts I mentioned in my very first blogs. Watch this space guys I’ll try and keep them all coming!


Fashion related notes (de-cluttering your wardrobe, updating and/or capsule and how to use songs as a fashion inspiration: 2-advisory-topics-in-1 post)

K so lately I decided to ‘de-clutter’ my wardrobe and update it every 3 months after googling a subject that has been nagging and seemed foreign to my mind for about 6 months to a year: the capsule wardrobe. I’m not going to create a capsule wardrobe because the ‘golden-37’ that seems to be the most amount of clothes in a collection that most people who create a capsule wardrobe that people stick to, seems too restrictive for me, and creating outfits that mix and match for a time period of 3 months seems too tedious to me. I actually like to colour-code my wardrobe too so the organised and simplistic side of my lack of capsule wardrobe can come in there! My budget doesn’t help either – I’m aware that the plan is supposed to be budget-friendly but at the moment I spend a lot of money on other things and can’t bring myself to commit to adding 3/4 items my wardrobe every 3 months. I, in no way wish to shun the plan – it’s just not feesible for me personally at this moment in time and I, in no way wish to deter people. In fact for some people it’s a miracle and I encourage you to ‘google it’ if you are curious (there are a lot of benefits from creating a capsule wardrobe).

So when I was thinking about how to de-clutter my wardrobe and put clothes into storage (and others throw out or sell) I thought ‘songs’. I also thought about colour and style but I’m going to go into that later in this blog post. So here’s how to be inspired clothes-wise by your favourite songs:

‘The story and your style’ – ok there are millions of different stories told in different songs. The point is: which fits your personality and style? Remembering the 6 different personality types mentioned in the last blog: romantic, gaming, young romantic, dramatic, classic and natural you can determine which personality the song seems to evoke. Eg the song ‘Like a prayer’ by Madonna, is almost certainly dramatic – because in the video she is in a church talking about her passion and lust for a guy. Another eg ‘Lucky’ by Britney Spears fits my personality (romantic) because the song is about an unhappy but rich celebrity who hasn’t found everything she wants in life seemingly pointing towards the subject of love/romance. Enough said about that!

‘The colours’: mentioned in the previous blog. does the colours the artist us wearing in the video suit your colouring? I’m going to expand on what I said in the previous blog as I now really beleive everyone has 2 seasons of colouring that suit them, one more than the other but even so. The colouring types are: Summer, Spring, Autumn and winter.
A few hints on colours: very dark and very light colours tend to be winter colours as these reflect most in winter. Summer clothes are bright, warm, soft and vibrant (but not as vibrant as Autumn), Autumn colours are usually earthy, warm tones or vibrant. Oranges are almost always Autumn too. Spring colours are feminine, soft, playful and like spring flowers. If you really can’t decide based on this which category a colour fits into consider these two things:

How is the colour reflecting and how is it interacting with other colours? If it’s standing out its not likely to be winter. If it’s blending it’s likely to be Spring. If it’s doing a bit of both it’s likely summer. And if it’s catching your eye it’s likely Autumn. This all depends on the colours around it though.
Another consideration that is sometimes helpful is the name of the colour: what does the name of the colour make you think of visually?An example of colour I thought of: grape purple I thought was winter because it’s dark. I thought some people would associate grapes with summer as they grow in summer. But don’t fall into the trap of trusting sentiments! I. after thought: ‘they may grow in summer but in this case the name isn’t helpful because even though grapes grow in summer, remember that essentially purple grapes growing and glistening in the sunlight look dark even in summer light!

Remember when noting the artists clothes that music artists aren’t always made to wear colour that suit them – they amade to wear colours that tell a story or make a statement.

‘Artist gender and is there a video? (Can you picture an artist of a different gender singing the song?)’

If the answer to the second question is yes – you can just ‘make it up’ – if you’ve got a really good imagination you can make up all of what inspires you from a song! However, if like me – you get stuck on things – you’d do well to remember that generally males clothes are designed for males and therefore don’t look good on females! Therefore songs by a different gender to your own aren’t ideal.

‘Artists physique – is it like yours?’ – everyone knows we all have different body shapes so which of your favourites most have a similar physique to yours? Consider:

Is she:
Curvy, voluptuous?
Straight up and down?
Heavy set?
Big/small boobs/bums/thighs etc?

The list is endless – you could even consider if she has similar colouring to you!

Moving onto: my additional notes for anyone who wants to build a capsule wardrobe or, like me, just de clutter and update it regularly: I’m not following real rules here so my apologies go out to those who worship in the church of the capsule!:

There are 7 things to consider according to one source I reworded or gave my own version on the questions to ask yourself (lol)!:

Does it fit? – I agreed with this one!

Have I worn this in the last 12 months? – well I’m not sure what this one meant, I wrote: ‘will it come back into fashion/OR: do you still like it?)’

Is it likely I will ever wear it again? Well for me – I don’t live a minimalist lifestyle and I think to myself: ‘I don’t know what I’m going to need for in the next 3 months so I don’t know what’s going to happen’. I wouldn’t have done of the all the categories in a capsule wardrobe either because I don’t have kids or work. You are meant to tailor/adjust your plan for what you think you’ll need clothes for though!

Is the item currently in style/and does it accurately represent my style? – I split this question into two! And added: if it’s not in style ‘can you see it making a comeback?’

If the item is damaged in any way, will I make the effort to get it repaired? – I put: If damaged do I WANT to repair it and IS IT repairable?

If I was shopping right now, would I buy this? – I put: ‘Do you love it? In other words .you can tell you really love it by knowing whether or not you’d buy it if shopping! If you know you’d consider paying money for it and it fits you obviously really love it!’

Do I feel confident when I wear this? – I put: ‘Is it flattering my body shape, personality, body shape and colouring?’

I added a couple of my own questions!:

Sentimental value: Just how many clothes have you got that were bought for you or have sentimental value? And just how many clothes at the most can you afford to keep for sentimental value? (How many do you WANT to keep?)
Another thought on this is: you can be really positive, ‘share the Iove’ and hope the item can one day mean something to someone else!

Altering clothes? – If something is really special and no longer fits do you want to have it altered or can you do it yourself? I’ve done this with really liked items.

Compliments/insults? – I can hear what you think I’m going to say, but- me, being me am not!:
When considering compliments think to yourself: did I appreciate the compliment and can you understand/agree with why they gave it? If you got lots of compliments on clothes you love, very obviously keep them! If you didn’t like the compliments or didn’t enjoy wearing the clothes you were wearing that day – get rid of them! Oddly enough (and some people will disagree) – if you get insults and you really liked the item you should keep it! Lol. Stay true to yourself. But if you got multiple insults and are fed up of them get rid of it!

Below are 3 examples of capsule wardrobes:





The last 2 things I have been going on about:

It’s handy to make a note of colours that suit both your personality and colouring. I don’t mean just ‘blue, yellow and red’! Google some images or even check out the 3-page-long-list on wikipedia. (Google ‘list of colours’)

The other thing, it’s handy to list is styles of clothes, events that inspire your clothing choice and anything that inspires you. If you can’t imagine what it looks like you can google it! But make sure these suit you, and importantly remember – (I found your own style is often nothing like ‘your fantasy self’ – you can wear things that are your ‘fantasy self but if you’re like me, – you won’t look good and you won’t even feel good in these clothes!

From there you can decide how much it suits you.

After making these list when you go shopping (physically/online) you can even take this list with you!

The last thing you can list was already mentioned (songs) – see first few paragraphs  to understand which songs can inspire you best.

I really hope I can inspire a lot of people to create a capsule wardrobe – it really is a revolutionary idea even though I’m not doing it!

Gonna finish by adding sone handy links:

How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe

You’re doing the “capsule wardrobe” wrong

Laters! xxxx

Day shopping in Marbella and at alcaidesa beach

So once again sorry about the delay in this blog! The day was nearly a week ago but I didn’t have access to all of the photos and also approval of my auntie’s friends photos. Since then been a bit busy.

The day was a lovely day even though it was 31 degrees C ! It started with shopping in the streets of Marbella, Spain.  The dress I wore I’m not going to go into details because it was another eBay purchase but I really liked it for the occasion. My auntie and uncle said they wanted to go with me and would treat me but the treat ended up from being a clothes purchase to my evening meal. First my auntie and uncle bought a beautiful fish for the meal the following day. The shops we tried for clothes after were mainly for older women and we decided it was too hot to make it to the streets which had shops for younger people, so instead made our way La Canada mall which has more shops for younger people. The street shops tend to be boutiques too so I thought ‘I’ll save my money’. La Canada mall has a mix of designer, semi-designer and cheap clothes shops.

In La Canada i ate guacamole and nachos at a little Mexican bar, the food although delicious was not in a special place so I didn’t get a photo.

La Canada mall 3.9.2016 – Ready for shopping

From hollister I found this beautiful shirt. The shirt is plaid, red and has a cute lace trim. It’s ideal for a ‘casual with a little bit of effort’day or event. The shirt is casual and pretty much suits anyone but the cut paticularly suits people with a square or angular back and shoulders and/or an average sized torso. Full length shirts generally suit people with average length arms in paticular but this is a very insignificant rule. The colour red generally doesn’t look very good on people with pale skin though, unless you are after a vintage; rock n roll or gothic look. Mine is a size small and will look nicer when I have lost a couple of lb in weight. Afterwards I saw one of the trendy bomber jackets also in red (can’t remember which shop may have been Pepe jeans) and thought ‘that one would have been nicer’, also thought ‘maybe/probably that bomber jacket will go out of fashion really soon’! Turned out the lack of a red and fashionable bomber jacket was for the best.


(Bought on 3.9.2016) red plaid shirt from hollister
(Bought on 3.9.2016) vintage 60s autumn winter coat from Sfera €49

Having spent €95 on two garments I realised this was enough for one days shopping on my budget. So my auntie and uncle needed to water his brothers garden. This little garden was very beautiful and I love flowers and gardens so decided to acquire the following photo in front of the unknown blue species of flower/flowering plant.

In my uncle John’s brothers garden 3.9.2016

After this we decided we’d contact my parents and might as well meet up with them and go to the beach which was a five minute walk away from the villa we were staying, rather than walk to Marbella beach. I wore a little cover-up on the way down which I’m not going to detail as it was yet another purchase from eBay. I used the same swimsuit as the one in the previous blog.

The walk from the villa down to alcaidesa beach 3.9.2016
At alcaidesa beach 3.9.2016

That night my mum and dad were meeting old friends for a meal who they grew up. My auntie and uncle were also meeting friends at a restaurant. So I decided I’d be encroaching on either couple by joining them and thought it might as well be my auntie and uncle who I join in Don benito said as I see them only once or twice a year. The couple are a lovely Irish couple and we didn’t seem to have trouble mixing. I felt a tiny bit off-hand in my goodbye to Marion, because I (like you sometimes do) got flustered trying to say something nice. But all in all no harm done. So that was my day Monday 3rd September 2016.

The dress I wore for the night was an eBay purchase but the dress has something to say! It was from George – I absolutely love it and so did my sister! It just goes to show young women can get away with cheaper clothes aimed at slightly older women which aren’t designer!

Really love my new eBay-bought dress with cheetahs on!
(Left to right) New friend – Marion, Auntie Genny, new friend – Colman and Me at Don benitos tapas restaurant 3.9.2016

I’m now back in north-east England from my holiday. I’m going to miss the classy shops La Canada mall has and may even get some things online or add them to my wishlist! (which I also use for my birthday in November and Christmas). I haven’t yet purchased a new camera which I’m after. I’m going to be back-dating hopefuly for the last time in a while, once again about my day in Gibraltar. So apologies for that and laters guys!

Day at El rinconcillo beach and fish restaurant

I have been in San Roque for the past week, we have another week left approximately. My mum likes to go every week as she is half-Spanish, brought up in Gibraltar and likes to see her sisters every year who she misses. I pay every year for my flight, rent and spending money. We usually have expensive apartments but I don’t pay for that as my parents choose expensive ones that they know I wouldn’t choose as I’m on benefits. So life is good at this time of year (and the rest!)

Me and dad at El ruevelo tapas restaurant, San Roque, Spain. 30.8.2016

Today we planned a day at possibly Bologna beach and Tarifa just outside San Roque Spain – browse around the shops. I got a drink at the garage on the way because otherwise the long winding roads towards there give me travel sickness and I like to have something to sip. (I do need to stop drinking acidic drinks but planning on getting a fruit infusion water bottle when I get home). This didn’t bother me much because the clothes to buy although nice and some suitable for England weather, they tend to be expensive. It tends to be boring traping from shop to shop when you went shopping the other day (more on that later but sorry to backtrack on that day!) and really do need to think ‘Am I being extravagant?’. Bolonia beach is also a long walk to get to a good spot with lots of rocks (and sometimes other sharp objects).

Fruit Infusion bottle. An amazing invention which allows you to give flavour to your water while using fruit. I have been advised by my cousin not to buy one less than £8.99. This one from comes with a free starter ebook.

For this, I was happy to find an eBay bought (I shop on eBay because I’m on benefits and find I don’t have to follow fashions and note which sizes for which labels fit for half the price) but pretty dress that I hadn’t worn yet! It’s a floral on a black background and I really love brighter colours like my mum wears but aren’t always attracted to them! They’re supposed to suit my colouring too. According to a book which supposedly defines colours of clothes that suit them according to theirpeople’s colouring (skin/hair/eyes etc) summer/spring/Autumn/winter and types within those four times. Mine is meant to be a type of summer. Again this methodology is not widely believed but family members do always say brighter colours suit me!  I was happy to find a floral for the beach! The skirt part I also love because it’s billowing (floaty) and I really love girly stuff. Ruffles, billows and florals are supposed to suit my personality too which is ‘romantic’. Also according to a similar book I read a couple of years ago in which you do a personality test in order to define what clothing styles suit. There are 6 types according to this book: romantic, natural, gaming, classic, dramatic and a younger aged person with the style of romantic. Not all researchers agree with this methodology though. The shoes were changed to peach flip flops with a peach flower on to suit the beach better but these are an old purchase so it doesn’t really matter! If I wasn’t going to the beach I would have kept the white ones on which are also an old purchase.


So we ended up in El rinconcillo, but the beach restaurants my favourite auntie had suggested were closed. My other favourite auntie and uncle didn’t turn up because of a current personal problem. But I’m not young and neither are my elders so none of us let these things get to us! We spotted a bar which turned out to be a beautiful and very reasonable fish restaurant. Being fussy about white fish with what was available I settled for ensalada rusa (russian salad) and a small plate of potatas Freitas (chips). My first chips were undercooked because I think the head chef was eiger to serve me as I wasn’t having anything special! All the staff were very nice characters. I said ‘but only 5 minutes more’ in Spanish which was a tiny bit inappropriate as I have never cooked chips in oil! But the head chef is a lovely guy and everyone just laughed when I said it and there seemed to be no harm done. The second plate of chips were beautiful but I said simply ‘mucha gracias’ (many thanks) when he asked if they were now ok because I felt I had said enough! My mum and favourite auntie had a beautiful and large cigala (crayfish). I also cause myself a hinderance in fish restaurants cos I won’t try and meat, fish, game or other dead animal because although they probably have special additional nutrients for your body I always think to myself ‘there was no need for that animal to die to be for food’. Oh well! My dad enjoyed rooster fish and my other favourite uncle enjoyed a bit of everything. I’m afraid we didn’t get any photos of or of inside this beautiful restaurant! At the beach I failed to notice what my family said about the water being sticky. Like usual I let a lot of thoughts passed me by. As a church going Christian I try to be like Jesus! The virtues I remember are faith, optimism, loyalty, kindness, generosity, no boasting, no gossiping (a tricky one as you might guess!), no accusing, consideration, tolerance and compassion or empathy (I’m sure you guys can remember a lot more! ). So I thought to myself ‘at least I didn’t gossip about the quality of the beach’. The beach also smelt of fuel from nearby ships towards the end of the beach trip. But I think we all enjoyed the dip in the heat, sitting in the sun and people watching and I got a beautiful selfie with my favourite auntie which my mum didn’t like but I, as said, thought was beautiful! My mum also took the other lovely photos.

Favourite Uncle John (Langdon) happy with meal and beach! El rinconcillo beach .9.2016
Favourite auntie Genny – happy with meal and beach. El rinconcillo beach. .9.2016


Beautiful selfie of me and auntie Genny. El rinconcillo beach. 5.9.2016
I bought a few shop-bought clothes at the end of August because I’m successfuly losing weight again. A few years ago I lost 2 stone from 10 stone 9 lb and went from a size 14 to a size 10 but put most of it back on. I’m now back down to 9 stone 6lbs and a size 10-12. I’d like to be an 8 because I’m 5″11 feet high! Note: don’t pay money for weight watchers. It worked for me but this time round I’m calorie counting (800-1000 calories a day) and enjoying much more healthier foods minus the headaches! You can get apps to help with that too. Anyway the swimsuit as said, I liked the bright colours. I love bright florals too! The halter neck and ‘bust fit’ is really a little bit derived from the 50s and 60s. It has a pretty frill on which helps hide big thighs by creating the illusion of cropping them.  I was happy when I liked it on. And thought ‘I’ve never had anything like this before.’ It was £20 down from £40 when I bought it, it is now down to £12 from debenhams. I would have loved a bikini, I’m a fan of them but I was on a time limit and needed to find other stuff which I knew would be hard because it was so late and I was finding it hard to find stuff for the summer season. Vintage stuff is really trendy at the moment too!

Now tonight I said my mum and dad should go out on their own, as my favourite aunties and uncles aren’t going and I live with my parents aged 35. I recently told them ‘when you go away to a country you’ve never been to – every other time starting with just you two and without me tagging along you should go on your own.’ They may be going to Marikesh as they are redoing their bedroom and travelled across the sea to get there when last in Spain for furniture and loved it but it’s doubtful. I really hope they get to go though!

Well now say ‘to next time guys’ which I apologise, something every blogger hates to do – backtracking. As I need a new phone or camera for my pics and my uncle took some and doesn’t have access to a computer till tomorrow to download them and email me them.

So hopefuly – here’s to tomorrow guys.

How to wear stripes this late summer

It’s late summer and everyone needs a few last purchases for September – especially if you’re going away! Here’s a few hints on how to wear your stripes, late summer:

How to wear your stripes, late summer:

In history it was  thought that vertical average width stripes are the go to make you look slim if you are overweight, NOT horizontal ones! The reason being the horizontal stripes will accentuate the width of your body not your height!  However, recent studies prove that this isn’t always accurate. There are generally to that rule exceptions all depending on the cut of the garment.  Try this season’s maxi dress like this one, it’s cute and unique and if you like your shoulders it’s a bonus! And a bargain at £16.99 from


And this one is brilliant if you’re short and plump! It makes your arms look slim, draws the attention away from your arms. And the thin stripes deceive the eye of the body proportions. Perfect! £75 French connection! Label area of closet designated!

Candy stripes also look great on those who have a Marilyn Monroe figure
Thinner horizontal stripes on a white background are thought to be very flattering, especially on petite people. This one is from and if you really wanna bag that label its reduced from £255 to £158! Woooo!

In the same way large wide horizontal stripes on an oversized top will almost certainly be too bold for someone petite drowning them.
If you’re petite this is sweet for any height of person! The just above knee length will highlight your legs (illusion again) making it look like you actually have some. If it falls just below your knees it will have the same effect. But yes, fashion is dangerous!: if you’re short and it falls exactly on your knees send it back! It will make you look cut in half making you look even shorter! (Oh no!) another bargain at $16 from

Horizontal Stripes on a bodycon will very obviously look super sexy on a tall and slim figure. This one is perfect and reduced and a feel-good at $64 from indie

And wavy or curvy stripes will look great on a curvy figure. I found an equal amount of garments with wavy stripes for plus size people and regular sized people but basically if you want to accentuate your curves they are the go to and tend to make your hips or bum look bigger. this one is great and (tighten your purse strings.) $108 dollars from

The last thing I’m going to mention regarding stripes is that if you are flat chested thin stripes in either direction will look good on a crop top. Because firstly your chest area is drawn to and after that the mind-trick is the thin stripes widening the proportions of your bust. Something like this which is low in stock (run!) and coming in at £8 is your apple a day!


My personal favourite stripey clothes:

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That’s it for now peeps – have a nice day! kisses

Sewing not knitting!

So I’ve been a member of a knitting/craft group for a year and never really become ‘immersed’ in knitting a basic scarf! I’ve restarted it several times before being happy with my colour choice and never really got it going!

I wanted to do something that I’ve created myself. Shortly after decided sewing should be quite easy and quickly after made a list of trendy things I could design myself (am obsessed with lists). My main idea I’ve based around sock monkeys. But the actual designs are customised.

I decided on Disney and am also obsessed with that along with Christmas and realised I could design Disney princess monkeys. They are going to be skin coloured monkeys with monkey mouths ears and tails. My original muse was that I could do this for charity instead of another fundraising idea I had but shortly after discovered you have to CE certify anything you sell. I live with my parents and would never afford the equipment for that or money to have them tested in a lab so am actually doing it for myself. I may give them away eventually after I have completed the collection (which is ridiculously large as I like so many characters), but am reserving them until then. If you like them for anyone over 16 let me know. The first is reserved for my grandma, as her favourite Disney princess is Snow White. And at the time I hadn’t realised I can easily adapt the patterns to material as skin colour socks are so hard to find these days, so a white sock is becoming Snow White or as I like to call her (her real name) Persephone.

Just a pesky Pom Pom animal I made last year!

The art comes in: it may sound like I’m just making princess monkeys but each one will be very different! I.e the eyes, mouths, noses and ears will be different and/or have different methods. For example Snow White’s eyes will be doll eyes but Jasmines will hopefully be felt! I learn a lot doing this and watching a lot of YouTube videos as I’ve never made anything let alone design anything by myself! I’m becoming a total sewing nerd who hand sews (yes I cannot cope when sewing machines get tangled up, can’t actually stand the thought of it and this used to happen a lot at home economics back in school), my patterns will go on various sites too if satisfactory. Maybe not my first Snow White because I had her face shape perfect first time but alas changed it thinking it was too small (you learn every day) but I think I know how to make a replica of the ‘gone’ Snow White.

Moving on the legs and arms will also be different length and widths also the tail and obviously torso. I nerdily enjoyed making her arms even after a friend removed the creation from my hands and showed me how I should be stuffing it (she had no hand). I realised triumphantly after stuffing is much easier than I thought.

Going to post Snow White so far but you probably won’t see so many images of the other dolls just because Snow White isn’t complete yet! I also have limited funds despite it looks like I AM (regretfully as a church-going Christian) materialistic.

As I don’t do things by halves if I really, really want something for my doll I generally get it or wait till I can afford it. And guys don’t you think doll eye finding is ridiculous?Well in my part of my country it is. There are two main places you would go for craft-related things; one has none at all and the other has an extremely limited choice. Also bought some angora wool for her hair online. Can’t have Snow White without silky hair! Gonna leave it there, but oh! – Absent in my aspergers I didn’t really introduce myself.

Well as mentioned I’m obsessed with both Christmas and Disney. Also always making lists of things I can watch/draw/create/craft. I also love art especially to draw Disney princesses but didn’t get the artistic gene like a lot of my family, but recently drew a pencil sketch of my grandma which actually looked like her but 5 years later! I had a little practice and can draw animals easily and other things ‘better than your average person’.

On the subject of art it’s very important, as you know when designing crafts or anything. So Snow White who nearly didn’t have a proper hand because of art and all the others I hope can be artistically accurate. As mentioned I understand that every aspect of a persons or characters body, face, personality, clothes and hair is unique. So hopefuly this helps in my creations.

Back to my interests – my other favourite things to draw are portraits (fictional/real), animals (mythical/real), flowers, trees and mythical creatures and fashion.

I must also mention am obsessed with fashion and colour too (am a member of polyvore), I have loads of clothes and would like to eventually make a garment. My dream job is a fashion designer or free lance toymaker. But for the moment have small wardrobe ideas for the princesses which will probably never happen! However there will be one removable costume for each princess.

As you may have guessed I love creating things. I also love animals, trees, house plants, flowers and anything to do with nature. I think I recently peaked at level 3 in animal management. As I take more than twice the time you have in an exam and am not practically very good with unfamiliar animals. So I’m presently taking a break from 4 years of college by doing a home-study creative writing course as I have an ambition to write a children’s novel. (Was always good at creative writing).

So that’s enough of me now; I’ll leave you with Snow White so far but apologise as posts may not be regular due to my current financial status. Patterns will also be posted here when the dolls are satisfactory. This page MAY be upgraded but I doubt it! Any room-sized donations of craft supplies will be appreciated, j/k. I obviously hope my page can be popular.

Snow White who has a very large bum and wrongly a ‘wood’ (according to Chinese face reading which I don’t beleive in but use for understanding facial feature shapes) and square/rectangle face. Snow White has short arms but does anyone think I made them TOO short?
((amputated Snow White poke))